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What can I do to help my wrongful termination claim?

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Most employees in Florida are considered “at-will” employees, meaning that either they or their employer can decide to end the employment relationship at any time, without having to supply a reason. However, if an employer decides to terminate an employee for a reason that violates state or federal laws, the worker may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful termination claim.

For example, if the employer decides to fire the employee out of animus toward the employee’s race or religion, this would most likely violate laws against discrimination. If the employer terminates the employee in retaliation for the employee reporting that the employer violated certain laws, this would likely violate whistle-blower protection laws.

First, if you have been terminated from your position, you should refrain from taking any negative actions against your former employer. They will cause more trouble than they are worth. Second, if your employment was subjected to an employment contract, then you may want to review that contract to see if your employer has broken any provisions contained therein. Third, consider asking about why you were fired and who made the ultimate decision to release you. You can even ask to see your personnel file, which might illuminating.

If you are being terminated, then you should also try to negotiate a severance package, if possible. It is important, though, to make sure that any agreements are made in writing. Failure to do so could mean that those agreements are unenforceable, which could leave you facing financial hardship.

In the end, though, if you have been fired from your job and you have been subjected to a wrongful dismissal, then you may want to contact an attorney. An attorney can assess your situation in light of the law and advise you as to your legal options. A wrongful termination claim, if appropriate, may lead to the recovery of compensation, reinstatement, and a sense of that things have been made right again.

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