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Miami Mediation Attorney

Paul F. Penichet is a certified Circuit and County court mediator who is trained to assist parties to settle their disputes. Mediation is an alternative to a judge or jury deciding your dispute or lawsuit. It is an informal and confidential process for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator. Parties that find themselves in a legal dispute may elect to voluntarily attend mediation before any lawsuit is filed. Once a lawsuit is filed, the parties are required to attend mediation before any trial can occur. A mediator does not determine which party is right or wrong, and he does not make any decisions on the issues and facts raised in the lawsuit or dispute. Instead, the mediator helps the parties work out their own solutions to problems without a judge or jury’s involvement. Contact our experienced Miami mediation attorneys today, we can help.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

Self-determination is one of the most compelling reasons for mediation. It allows the parties to resolve their differences and decide what terms will be included in a settlement. For instance, a term of a settlement can confidentiality. Another can be that each party release each other of any and all claims, commonly referred to as a general release. Mediation is a non-confrontational process that can resolve the dispute early, before spending considerable money litigating the case, or it can be a final effort to avoid a trial. Mediation is usually a fair, efficient and less painful manner to resolve legal disputes.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Paul Penichet believes that mediation is a useful process for the participating parties and their attorneys. During the mediation conference, each party hears the opposing lawyer make arguments in favor of his or her client. Sometimes attitudes soften or change after listening to the opposition’s perspective artfully articulated by an attorney. Occasionally, a client hears a fact or an argument for the first time that makes a difference in the dispute. The best part of mediation however, is that once the matter is resolved, the case is over, and the parties can move on to more productive and enjoyable pursuits. If the dispute is not settled at the mediation, no blame is placed on either party. If the matter is not settled at mediation, you should keep in mind that It is not unusual for the parties to settle shortly after the mediation conference, upon further consideration of the discussions and arguments made at the mediation.

Contact Our Miami Mediation Attorneys

If you need an experienced mediator in the area of employment law or who speaks Spanish, please call (305) 373-8809.

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