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3 Essential Employment Terms and Conditions Under Florida Law

By Penichet Law |

There are numerous general labor regulations under Florida law, including terms and conditions of employment and minimum wages. These rules and regulations exist to provide an overarching structure for employees and employers in Florida. The following sections will provide a summary of important considerations for three of the employment terms and conditions under Florida… Read More »


Farm Labor Contractor Registration Under the MSPA

By Penichet Law |

The Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA) is a federal law that governs health and safety considerations for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers. The MSPA covers a wide range of key issues for employers of migrant and seasonal contractors, including but not limited to housing, transportation, safety, employment, compensation and payroll. Farm… Read More »


4 Tips to Combat Workplace Harassment in Florida

By Penichet Law |

Workplace harassment is a hot topic in the news media these days — and for good reason. As each story breaks, there is mounting evidence of pervasively negative culture in many workplaces. In these environments, employees are forced to deal with discriminatory working conditions. Further compounding this problem, certain employers have turned a blind… Read More »


State of Florida Paid Out $11 Million in Workplace Harassment Settlements

By Penichet Law |

Over the course of 30 years, the state of Florida has paid out more than $11 million in over 300 cases of workplace harassment in the public sector, according to an article by CBS News outlining an Associated Press report. Published in November, the Associated Press report chronicles cases of workplace harassment against Florida… Read More »


The Head of Family Exemption to Wage Garnishment in Florida

By Penichet Law |

The subject for examination today centers on an important facet of wage garnishment laws in Florida – the head of family exemption. Before diving into the details of the head of family exemption, it will be useful to review the backdrop of wage garnishment laws in Florida. What is the Definition of Wage Garnishment… Read More »


New Florida Law May Force Teachers Unions to Recertify

By Penichet Law |

Governor Rick Scott signed into law more than 200 pages of new education-related procedures on March 11, 2018, reported Bloomberg BNA. Collectively referred to as H.B. 7055, the new regulations will have a profound impact on employers and employees in the education sector, with updates to public and charter schools as well as availability… Read More »


Which Types of Hours Worked Qualify for Compensation Under the FLSA?

By Penichet Law |

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes a number of guidelines for employers and protections for employees. Among these regulations, the FLSA provides overarching rules for how to calculate an employee’s number of hours worked in a given pay period. On a larger level, the FLSA requires all employers to pay their employees either… Read More »


Whistleblowers and the Florida False Claims Act

By Penichet Law |

A whistleblower is a person who reports the illegal activity or other misconduct that occurs in the workplace. In the face of whistleblowing, it is unfortunately common for employers to retaliate against their employees. This puts potential whistleblowers between a rock and a hard place: either keep your job, or report the violation. In… Read More »


Florida Wage and Hour Considerations for Minor Employees

By Penichet Law |

In the interest of protecting children from unreasonable work conditions, Florida enacted a number of wage and hour considerations for minor employees. Under Florida Statute 450.081, employers must adhere to certain restrictions when they employ minor children. Florida Employment Rules for Minors Aged 15 or Younger Minor employees aged 15 or younger have several… Read More »


Florida Employers Relax Screening Standards for Marijuana

By Penichet Law |

According to an article by the Sun Sentinel , Florida employers are starting to relax employment screening standards for marijuana as part of a nationwide trend that has seen many U.S. states legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use. Currently, 29 states and the District of Columbia have approved legislation for medical marijuana. While… Read More »