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Defending Against Wage Garnishment

By Penichet Law |

So a court judgment has been entered against you and the creditor is now attempting to garnish your wages. A bad situation may be about to get worse, and you need to know what your options are. You’re not alone. As of 2013, around 7% of employees in the United States have had their… Read More »


What Florida Employers Need to do When the Department of Labor Comes Knocking

By Penichet Law |

While it’s common for the US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) to visit a workplace after a complaint is filed by an employee, the fact is that the agency can call on a Florida employer at any time. If the WHD appears at your workplace, here are a few pointers you… Read More »


Developing an Employee Onboarding Process

By Penichet Law |

Many small or medium-sized businesses handle hiring on a case-by-case basis, starting with identifying a need, reviewing candidates, narrowing down the list, and – finally – bringing in the right person for the job. However, there are many advantages to developing a policy for employee onboarding, so that your approach is consistent and streamlined… Read More »


What are My Options for Claiming Unpaid Minimum Wages in Florida?

By Penichet Law |

Both Florida and the United States have laws governing the minimum hourly wage that must be paid to employees.   Florida’s Constitution was amended to include the guarantee that employees receive a minimum hourly wage.  Since Florida’s minimum hourly wage is greater than the federal minimum wage, employers are required to pay the higher Florida… Read More »


Florida Employer Cited for Safety Violations After Death of Workers

By Penichet Law |

A Florida employer is under fire from the federal government after three employees died from a gas leak, according to an article by Bloomberg BNA. On July 18, 2017, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited D.N. Higgins Inc. (DNH) for “serious safety violations” and proposed fines of approximately $120,000. On January 16,… Read More »


How Does Medical Marijuana Bill Affect Florida Employment Law?

By Penichet Law |

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed off on legislation that adjusts the state process for medical marijuana, according to an article by The Associated Press. This bill expands the scope and use of medical marijuana in Florida, raising questions about the potential impact to employment law. Passed as SB 8-A and titled “Medical Use of… Read More »


Sexual Harassment Laws in Florida: Know Your Rights

By Penichet Law |

The definition of sexual harassment under federal and state law is relatively straightforward, but the signs aren’t always easy to recognize in a real-life, on-the-job scenario. In some situations, there is no question that someone in your workplace has crossed over the line and into harassment territory; other times, the misconduct is subtle –… Read More »


Florida Law on Enforcing Restrictive Covenants

By Penichet Law |

Florida employers often request employees to execute a non-compete agreement or other types of restrictive covenants as a condition of employment. Typically, a company doesn’t want an employee to take advantage of the training, contacts and support the employer provides to the employee, so that the employee can then take that knowledge and information … Read More »


Four Reasons You Need a Lawyer to Review Your Florida Severance Agreement

By Penichet Law |

A severance agreement also known as a separation agreement can be  a saving grace when you are ask to depart from your job.  However, it can also carry consequences that impact your future career choices. You may review the terms of the agreement and see no cause for concern; still, you’re at a disadvantage… Read More »


Managing Tipped Employees Under Federal and Florida Law

By Penichet Law |

As an employer, you are well-aware of the minimum wage laws for employees under federal and Florida law. However, paying tipped employees can be very different compared to paying workers a salary or a straight hourly wage.  The laws allow employers to use part of an employee’s tips only under certain circumstances and only… Read More »