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Sexual Harassment Laws in Florida: Know Your Rights

By Penichet Law |

The definition of sexual harassment under federal and state law is relatively straightforward, but the signs aren’t always easy to recognize in a real-life, on-the-job scenario. In some situations, there is no question that someone in your workplace has crossed over the line and into harassment territory; other times, the misconduct is subtle –… Read More »


Florida Law on Enforcing Restrictive Covenants

By Penichet Law |

Florida employers often request employees to execute a non-compete agreement or other types of restrictive covenants as a condition of employment. Typically, a company doesn’t want an employee to take advantage of the training, contacts and support the employer provides to the employee, so that the employee can then take that knowledge and information … Read More »


Four Reasons You Need a Lawyer to Review Your Florida Severance Agreement

By Penichet Law |

A severance agreement also known as a separation agreement can be  a saving grace when you are ask to depart from your job.  However, it can also carry consequences that impact your future career choices. You may review the terms of the agreement and see no cause for concern; still, you’re at a disadvantage… Read More »


Managing Tipped Employees Under Federal and Florida Law

By Penichet Law |

As an employer, you are well-aware of the minimum wage laws for employees under federal and Florida law. However, paying tipped employees can be very different compared to paying workers a salary or a straight hourly wage.  The laws allow employers to use part of an employee’s tips only under certain circumstances and only… Read More »

Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Non-Compete Agreement

By Penichet Law |

Restrictive covenants are commonly called non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements.  These Florida employment contracts prohibit employees from engaging in competitive activities after their departure from your company. While state law precludes most agreements in restraint of trade, it does allow non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements that extend beyond a person’s employment term – so… Read More »

What Does Florida’s Medical Marijuana Law Mean for Employers?

By Penichet Law |

Many employers in Florida are familiar with Amendment 2, which legalizes medical marijuana for qualifying individuals. However, fewer are aware of how the law will actually impact them since becoming effective January 2, 2017. The implications involved when an employee is eligible to procure medical marijuana are complex, under both federal labor laws and… Read More »

Elements of a Severance Agreement in Florida

By Penichet Law |

A severance agreement is an arrangement between an employer and employee to protect the parties from issues that may arise when the employee is or will be terminated from a position.  These contracts may also be termed employee separation agreements.  For the employer, the advantages include a waiver of liability against future claims by… Read More »

When to Take Action for Wrongful Termination in Florida

By Penichet Law |

Florida is an at-will state when it comes to employment, which means that an employer may fire you for any reason that is not against the law.  In other words it is  not necessary that the company prove any wrongdoing, failure to perform, or other justification for termination of your employment.  However, there are… Read More »


Florida Minimum Wage and Overtime Law: Are You an Exempt Employee?

By Penichet Law |

While there are laws that regulate minimum wage and overtime pay, it’s important for employees and employers to understand that not all of those laws apply to all employees. Under certain circumstances, a worker is not entitled to overtime pay or minimum wage because the employee is exempt under federal law or state law…. Read More »

Age discrimination protections can be waived

By Penichet Law |

Contact An Experienced Employment And Labor Law Lawyer Today 800-652-0408 When Floridians think of workplace discrimination, they often think of the more obvious forms. These include discrimination based on gender, race, and religion. It is important to know, however, that there are other types of discrimination that can be just as damaging to an… Read More »