Retaliation And Wrongful Termination Legal Representation

Claims of retaliation and wrongful termination are common and, in many circumstances, avoidable. Unlawful retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse actions against an employee who opposes discrimination in the workplace, opposes a direction to break the law, files a complaint to a state or federal agency or commission about discrimination or participates in an investigation. Adverse actions may include demotion, termination, reduction in pay or changes in working conditions, or other actions that would deter a reasonable employee from complaining about discrimination.

Penichet Law has been providing representation to employers and employees in retaliation and whistleblower cases for over two decades. Depending on the facts of the case, we protect the rights of employees who are asserting their statutorily protected rights. We also defend employers facing such accusations.

Protections For Workers Facing Employment Retaliation

Unfortunately, retaliation does sometimes occur, and it is important to speak with an experienced employment attorney as soon as you can. Penichet Law handles a wide variety of employment claims and understands what constitutes retaliation and wrongful termination. We will promptly address every issue and work toward resolving your dispute in the best possible fashion.

Actions Employers Should Take When Claims Of Retaliation Arise

Retaliation and wrongful termination lawsuits are potentially very costly in time and money for businesses. Therefore, actions taken in dealing with employee claims of discrimination, harassment or opposing unlawful requests require careful attention. It is in your best interest to speak with a lawyer before taking any action against an employee who has lodged a discrimination complaint. Our firm provides guidance on what the best course of action is.

What Are Whistleblower And Qui Tam Claims?

When workers find themselves facing retaliation for reporting unlawful or unethical behavior by employers, the worker may have a whistleblower claim. Under the state and federal laws, protections exist for workers participating in governmental investigations or who have filed written complaints with a state or federal agency.

A qui tam action is similar to a whistleblower claim. Under the False Claims Act, private citizens may file a qui tam action charging fraud against a government contractor or a business that receives government funds. Should there be a recovery, this individual may share in the funds recovered. We are seeing more qui tam actions in the health care industry regarding Medicare fraud or activities concerning health care payments or reimbursements, and also in the road construction and maintenance industry.

Penichet Law understands the proper action to take when whistleblower cases arise. In Qui Tam cases, Penichet Law will join forces with larger law firms depending on the size and scope of the fraud at no additional cost to the client.

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