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Miami Employment Attorney

Since 1991, we at the office of Penichet Law have stood up for the rights of individuals and businesses in all employment law matters, from drafting and reviewing contracts to litigating wage and employment disputes in state or federal court. We will stand by your side because employment law is what we do. We are prepared to show you how our focus on this area of the law can help you.

At the law office of Penichet Law, we are available to assist employees and employers in Miami, Florida, and throughout the state with any employment law matter. Contact us at 305-373-8809 to speak with a  experienced Miami employment attorney. We speak Spanish. Se habla Español.

Employment Law Matters

For more than 18 years, we at the office of Penichet Law have stood up for the rights of employees and employers in all employment law matters. We are available to represent individuals and businesses in Miami and throughout the state of Florida. We are ready to put our dedication to employment law to work for you. Contact us at 305-373-8809 to speak with an experienced Miami employment law attorney.

We work with individual workers as well as employers. All parties have rights. Whether you are a citizen, resident, undocumented worker, or the owner of a new small business, we can help.

At the law firm of Penichet Law, we are available to handle all employment law cases, including those related to:

  • Wage and Hour Claims: overtime claims, failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay commission, non-payment of final check, Equal Pay Act violations
  • Discrimination and Harassment: gender, race, color, national origin, age, religion, or disability discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliatory discharge due to discrimination
  • Employment Contract Litigation: non-compete agreements; severance agreements; employee contracts; draft, review, and negotiation of contracts; breach of contract disputes; employment contract litigation.
  • Retaliation: termination, demotion, change in rates of pay, change in job duties (to worse or more difficult).
  • Whistleblower / Qui Tam: reporting of illegal actions in the workplace that violate state or federal regulations.

Whether your case takes you to state court or federal court, we can help. We are ready to protect and defend your rights and your interests. We are ready to put our knowledge to work ensuring that your rights are preserved.

From waiters and cooks, to construction workers, professionals, and beyond, we can help people in any industry protect their employment rights. Regardless of your position in a company, whether you are an hourly employee, a manager, a supervisor, or the owner, we can help. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of employment law because we have devoted our careers to it. Let us show you the difference our experience can make.

Wage and Hour Claims

Wage and hour cases involve any situation in which employees believe they were either not compensated at all or not sufficiently paid for their work. A wage dispute may involve an employer refusing to pay overtime wages. It may involve employees claiming they were forced to work off the clock, or not paid the federal or Florida minimum wage. These claims may also involve failure to pay commissions to sales people. If you are involved in any type of dispute involving your pay, we can help.

Discrimination and Harassment

Employees have the right to work in a non-discriminatory and non-hostile environment. Discrimination and harassment in the workplace based on gender, race, color, national origin, age, religion, or disability violate that right. If you feel your rights have been violated, we can help you.

Employment Contracts

From non-compete agreements and severance agreements, to general employment contracts, we can help you manage your contract needs. We understand the value of contracts in the employment arena and how to make them work for you. Whether you are interested in the drafting or review of an employment contract or you are considering litigation for breach of contract, we can help. We are available to assist with any employment contract matter.


Retaliatory actions are illegal according to federal and state employment laws. This means that action taken against an employee, including a demotion, change in work duties or termination, that are due to the reporting of sexual harassment, discrimination or other work situation is considered retaliation. We provide representation to individuals who have experienced retaliation on the job or employers who are accused of retaliating against an employee.

Whistleblower/Qui Tam

A complicated area of the law, whistleblower and qui tam cases involve employees reporting illegal activities that are being committed by their employers. We represent the interests of employees or employers that are at the center of a whistleblower or qui tam case. Our firm takes the time to explain these types of cases and ensure that your rights are protected.

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To speak with our Miami employment attorneys about wage and hour, discrimination, harassment or other employment law matters, contact us at 305-373-8809. We speak Spanish. Se habla Español.

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